Dr. Tony Farrell


Dr. Tony Farrell The University of Arizona Global Campus College of Education Executive Dean Dr. Tony Farrell holds graduate degrees from National University and the University of Oklahoma along with a PhD in Special Education from the University of Hawaii. His professional experiences cover the gamut of education, having been an elementary and high school special education teacher and a school administrator at the elementary and middle school levels. His favorite aspect of teaching is seeing students understand and apply what they are learning. “Often, we call it seeing the ‘light bulb’ go off with our students.” He especially enjoys the University of Arizona Global Campus students, and can relate to them since he worked full-time while going to school himself. “I love hearing their stories and helping them achieve their goals. As an educator, my goal is to have students understand the content of the class and eventually be able to apply what they learn in their chosen fields.” He advises students to create a schedule and stick to it, since organization is the key to being successful in the online environment. “Also, I would encourage all students to reach out to their instructors when they need support. That is what we are here for!” He and his wife currently live in Castle Rock, CO and are parents to a girl and three boys.