Reimagining Education Through Creation of a Job Ready Workforce


Reimagining Education Through Creation of a Job Ready Workforce

Tuesday, October 12

2:25 pm – 3:15 pm

Moderator: Don Frey

Panel Members:  Todd Deal, Oleg Konovalov, Joe Carella, and Helen Williams

About the Panel Discussion

 The push to teach only the “needed skills” jeopardizes the core purpose of education, originally positioned to develop and nourish young minds, while creating life-long learners, not self-absorbed and self-centered, aware of the issues facing our society. The narrow-minded skill driven spectrum is replacing the broad-minded educational format throughout the academic world. Considering today’s environment of rapid technological changes, many of the “needed tools” become obsolete by the time students finish their degree or shortly thereafter. Through “teaching only the needed skills” focus, academia created a very limited framework, with graduates being successful only if their desired career path remains unchanged (no longer a very plausible scenario). This panel will discuss reimagining education in order to better prepare students with “career-focused” skills really relevant in a business world.


Don Frey

Assistant Professor in the Forbes School of Business and Technology

Todd Deal

Senior Faculty & Director, Higher Ed Practice, Center for Creative Leadership

Joe Carella

Assistant Dean, Eller Executive Education, University of Arizona

Dr. Helen Williams

Dean, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine