Dr. James Moore


Dr. James Moore is an Assistant Professor in the Forbes School of Business at the University of Arizona Global Campus. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration in Management from Argosy University, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Management from the University of Phoenix, and an Associate degree in Culinary Arts and Sciences, and Restaurant Management from Scottsdale Culinary Institute (now known as Le Cordon Bleu). He served in the Marines for six years and has worked in the Information Technology industry, as a professional chef, and as an educator. Prior to joining the University of Arizona Global Campus in 2009, Dr. Moore taught at the Base Education Center when he was stationed in Hawaii. Here at the University of Arizona Global Campus, he teaches business and psychology courses. Dr. Moore says, “At the University of Arizona Global Campus, I feel that I reach a very wide range of students, quite often internationally based, and get to experience things from their lens and see how it incorporates into the course and our conversations.” In his spare time, he loves going to “mom and pop” restaurants that serve various global cuisines. This creates his need to exercise – something he enjoys a bit less than the restaurants.