Digital Revolutions Impact on the Workforce


Digital Revolutions Impact on the Workforce     (Live streamed from La Jolla)

Tuesday, October 12

12:45 pm – 1:25 pm

Moderator: Rich Karlgaard

Panel Members: Tamar Elkeles, Jayne Johnson, and Olin Oedekoven

About the Panel Discussion

Digital Revolution’s Impact on Workforce Digitization is impacting every aspect of business, radically changing the ways in which companies grow and compete. COVID-19 disrupted the workplace reshaping the 21st century workplace significantly. Even prior to COVID the workplace digital revolution was transforming businesses across different industries. At the same time, companies attempted leveraging differences in order to create growth and opportunities which disrupted the cross-industry’s landscape. The concept of accelerated rate of digital revolution, which is now evolving at the two to three times the rate pre-COVID- how is this demonstrated throughout the workplace. This panel addresses on how emerging market trends, accelerated rate of digital revolution, and COVID-induced digital changes are shaping workforce and what should companies and whole industries do to respond to those changes.


Rich Karlgaard

American Journalist Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker


Dr. Tamar Elkeles

Chief Human Resources Officer/ Chief Learning & Talent Officer/ Board Member

Jayne Johnson

Executive Coach /  Team Coach /  HR Consultant

Dr. Olin Oedekoven 

President & CEO Peregrine Leadership Institute